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What Does Nudge Mean on TikTok? A Guide on How to Use Nudge Feature

Do you have any idea about the feature named Nudge that was released in 2022? Few of the TikTok users are still confused about this feature and how to use it. If you are one of them then worry not. Today I will talk about what dose nudge mean on TikTok and how to use it.

What Does Nudge Mean on TikTok

As we all know, people are crazy about this TikTok and it’s been the most popular social media app since ages. This app has covered a vast audience from all ages and covered all kinds of topics with some funny videos too.

If you are also a regular user of TikTok then you might have seen a nudge button in the app. So, what does nudge mean on TikTok? Well it’s nothing but a simple feature with two meanings and purposes. And this is what makes its user more confused right? 

The Nudge is a very unique feature available on TikTok used for encouraging users behaviour. People can use this feature to increase their engagement and build a trustable community.

You can manually enable or disable this feature that depends on your choice. 

There is one way to use this unique nudge feature is to credit the original creator that has inspired you to create your content by mentioning in the video description.

And the second use of the nudge button on TikTok views to increase all your viewers to watch more content posted by yourself on your account.

What are the benefits of using Nudge Feature in Tik Tok?

Using this nudge feature on TikTok can really help you to build your own community and gain more trust in the app. It helps to understand their work and they get appreciated as well. This will increase the chance of collaboration with the creator also.

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