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What Does CFS Mean on Instagram – A Detailed Guide

Just imagine that you are texting your friend and they suddenly asked to check CFS on Instagram. What would you do? At this place you would get confused about this slang CFS. These are One of the most common slangs that are used on Instagram for chatting. In this article I will tell you the exact meaning of CFS so you don’t get confused again.

What Does CFS Mean on Instagram

CFS is a unique feature that has been on Instagram for a long time. These features can allow you to make up close friends that can view your story. Only friends that are listed on your CFS can see your stories. Therefore CFS stands for close friend story!

This feature was launched in 2018 on Instagram. This feature allows you to make a private story that is totally different from general stories that you put on Instagram. With help of this CFS feature you can select a list of your close friends that can see and comment on your private story. Isn’t that an interesting feature for all the people who are introverted? Haha!

Can I remove myself from someone’s close friend feature on Instagram?

Well you cannot practically remove yourself from your close friends feature list. All You can do is to mute that person and you will be at peace.

How do I know if my story is being posted on a CFS feature on Instagram?

Well if you have used the CFS feature and created a close friend list with it then you will see a green circle around your profile picture which is very unlikely compared to the regular stories that have a purple or yellowish ring around your profile.

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