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What Does CF Mean on Instagram – A Detailed Guide

As we all know that Instagram is our favourite social media app that we spend almost hours scrolling reels. There are many terms that Instagram users use while chatting. One of the most popular terms or slang is “CF“. Have you ever heard of the storm before? If not then don’t worry today I’m going to cover the usage and the meaning of CF.

What Does CF Mean on Instagram

After searching and asking for friends I finally got the meaning of CF. CF stands for close friends on Instagram. Yes it’s that easy. CF is also a very popular hashtag that is very trendy these days. For example you can also use this term as like I am only sharing this picture with my CF.

There is also a feature on Instagram that allows you to create a private list of followers to whom they can share their personal and private stories and post. Only the uses on the close friends list can view the content that has been shared with them in the group of close friends. This picture is widely used by popular influencers, celebrities and businesses to share the exclusive content.


What are the other meaning of CF?

Canadian French
Climate and Forecast
Capacity Factor
Cystic Fibrosis
Cash Flow

How to use the close friends feature on Instagram?

First of all, open the Instagram app and go to your profile. After that tap on the free horizontal lines in the top right corner. No select close friends from the drop down menu. After that you have to tap on the ad in the top right corner. Now search for or select your best friends you want to add in a close friend list and once you select them tap on the Done button in the top right section. Now what? Congratulations!! now your close friend section will appear on your Instagram account.

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