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How to Install a Farmhouse Sink – Just in 4 Steps

Hey, are you looking for a sink installation in your kitchen? If you are about to renovate your kitchen then you should consider changing your sink, is that right? It can impact a lot in remodelling your kitchen. Today we’ll talk about how to install a farmhouse sink. A farmhouse sink is a great option to add in your kitchen that can really enhance the overall appearance of your home.

How to Install a Farmhouse Sink

Following are the steps to install a farmhouse sink. 

Measurement of your kitchen platform

Every house has a different shape and size of the kitchen area. Therefore the first step would be measuring your kitchen countertop where you are going to install your sink or else you can also measure the size of your current sink if you don’t want to make any changes into the size. 

Building a support frame

Once the measurement is done you can remove your old sink now it’s time to build a supporting frame. Generally farmhouse sinks are heavier than the normal ones so the frame must be strong enough to hold the sink.

Installing a farmhouse sink

Once you have built the frame for the farmhouse sink. It’s time to install the sink. Make sure you place the sink within the frame in the centre of the sink cabinet

You must level the sink to make sure it’s straight enough. The sink should be even from all the sides so that water drains out properly.

Installing the countertop and cabinet frames

The final step is to install the countertop and the cabinet frames of your choice. In this step you would need a professional person. New silicone sealer to cover all the edges of the sink to prevent water coming out.

What Are the Tips for Installing Farmhouse Sink

1. Check the overall weight of the sink
2. Check for if there is any special instructions
3. Measure the size of the farmhouse sink.
4. Inspect it for damage when buying a new sink

What Are Types of Farmhouse Sink Installation

There are three most common ways to install a farmhouse sink: 
1. Flush mount Installation
2. Built-up Installation
3. Undermount Installation

What Are the Tools used in installing a farmhouse sink

Following are the most used tools while installing a sink
1. Hacksaw
2. Framing Square
3. Tape Measure
4. Silicone Sealant
5. Support Frames
6. Wood Braces
7. Screws

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